Our company carries out business activities based on the following principles of food safety.


Principles of Food Safety


We firmly adhere to related regulations and implement food safety as our foundation, so as to provide for our customers (the theme) Riyan products [that we can feel assured to offer to ourselves and our children].


(1) Through natural seasoning and commitment to the development, manufacturing and sales of healthy food, we provide safe and trustworthy food for our customers.

(2) We abide by laws and regulatory systems in business activities, sincerely acknowledge the room for betterment identified by our customers as well as their demands, and make improvements in a timely manner.

(3) Every employee in the company is familiar with the principles of food safety. For every stage, they would set annual targets, maintain management, and strive to optimize the system.

(4) We try our best to coordinate external communications and internal communications. 

(5) NIKKEN Japan would regularly conduct inspections on our system based on the business philosophy centering on food safety, so as to ensure sustained improvement.