Shanghai Riyan Foods Co.,LTD ,established by NIKKEN FOODS CO.,LTD in China, is a Sino-foreign joint venture specializing in the processing of seasonings. The company was founded in July 1996, and is located at No. 982, Yueluo Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai. The company covers an area of about 13 acres, with registered capital of RMB 20.81 million and about 70 employees.

The company produces seasonings (solid seasonings, semi-solid seasonings, and liquid seasonings) and sells them not only overseas to Japan, the US, Australia , the Middle East and Southeast Asia, but also to around China. The company passed numerous certifications including ISO9001 quality management system certification and HACCP certification (in October 2002), BRC (British Retail Consortium) certification (in September 2010), SEDEXZ reviewing and certification (in November 2021), ISO22000 food safety management system certification (in May 2014), USDA organic product certification (in May 2019) and FSSC22000 food safety system certification (in August 2019). At present, the main products of the company include soy sauce powder, vegetable concentrate powder, vegetable juice, meat powder products, meat sauce, aquatic products seasoning powder, mixed seasoning powder, etc.

The company pursues natural and healthy delicacy, and aims to achieve customer satisfaction. The quality policy of the company is “Shanghai Riyan Foods, driven by knowledge, technology, as well as continuous development and innovation. Making delicious and safe products to meet customers' needs is our enduring pursuit.”

The company has its own research and development team built on the strong research and development basis of NIKKEN FOODS CO.,LTD in Japan, and can conduct research and development according to the seasonings required by the market, as well as customers’ needs.

The company strictly follows the requirements and regulations of Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China, and state regulations on food additives, implementing a standardized system for raw and accessory materials including authentication, inspection, preservation and use. In the production link, employees strictly abide by operating procedures to ensure the quality of products. In the inspection link, employees follow inspection operation procedures to ensure the delivery of qualified products to customers.

The company consists of Production Department, Procurement Department, Quality Assurance Department, Development Department, and Administration Department. The employees of each department perform their respective duties faithfully, work in solidarity, and strive to achieve the company’s goals.



Development Test


Team spirit

Equipment introduction


1.    Spray Drying Equipment

The liquid adjustment tanks can dissolve the materials thoroughly ,stir it evenly,heat and sterilize it quickly .Its can add the surface area ,after full heat exchange ,with the hot air and rapid drying ,thus power or fine granule products are obtained.


2.Liquid Mixing Equipment

The liquid mixing equipment is the equipment to dissolve , mix and sterilize various raw materials in the mixing tank.After heating and sterilization ,the solution or slurry material is emulsified by homogenizer or high dispersion shear emulsifier for finished product packaging


3.Powder Mixing Equipment

Various kinds of powder raw materials are mixed in the mixing equipment , according to the ratio ,and then,pass through the sieve and magnetic adsorption for packaging.

                                                                                                                      4.Other Equipment

The crushers are used to crush the dry flaky vegetable raw materials, and then mix after crushed. The drying ovens are used to dry the flaky vegetable raw materials to control moisture and flavor.


Storage environment


Laboratory equipment